this year, this day, this breath


it seems easy to get caught up in the new year’s resolution story
so, I set my intention at the woodford folk festival
I promised to remain true to myself and the journey –
this lifetime in this body,
this spacesuit on this planet

I am walking towards death
I have no idea how many days, breaths away, that is
a human made concept of time is just about aging,
getting closer to a non-living form

with each breath
I choose to be as present as I can
I continue to learn new tricks as my buttons get pushed
and I choose to “de-button” –
to watch the reaction in me as luggage on an airport conveyer belt

it’s not my luggage,
I let it roll on
let it go

this moment is all I have
this moment is all we all have

until that moment of death
I will live a humble life
I will continue to plant vegetables
I will walk the dog and myself,
I will love my neighbour, friends and my family

I am a creative being
an artist making glassbeads,
making art to tell the stories of the planet we live on
I will live each breath

About emubeads

finding the way to being me seeking the balance needing, wanting and living
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