it is what it is

be accepting
as if you had chosen it.
in reference to suffering

suffering is not accepting what is
suffering is a ‘natural’ state, we all do it.
it seems weird, but it is also my teacher
Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about these pointers
to awareness

the biggest learning today, while making beads – I love to do Tolle when I make beads – meditative process and listening.  I was learning the part where the ego attempts to strengthen its position through holding fast on an idea or belief. It gains strength from holding its ground/ defending a position.  do I have to be right?
do I need to defend a position?

my daughter would prefer to strengthen her ego’s sense of self.  she’s young, it is her rite to journey her growth. Her timing. do I have to be right? i don’t contradict her

this is it, until eternity
scraping back the old ideas/beliefs
eternity of letting go
it is what it is


the eternity of now

“Each of us has his own rhythm of suffering.” –  Roland Barthes

About emubeads

finding the way to being me seeking the balance needing, wanting and living
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