love is the response


is the word

and acceptance of the other
is the other

we are born of contrasts
good and evil
black and white
happy and sad
present and absent

to shine the light on both sides of a coin

our shadow
and our bright

i learn to accept without judgement
there is no acceptance with judgement

i manifested a (head) dilemma this morning
i attached myself to it
i judged myself
i cried and i pained

for a change,
i decided to stop proceedings

i accepted the dilemma
blessed its origins,
the small child with minimal experiences
and sent love

it got calmer

i send more love each time the judge drags me there


love is the response

thankyou michael leunig (pictures) who knows about being tender
and blessings on the duck
and the judge

About emubeads

finding the way to being me seeking the balance needing, wanting and living
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2 Responses to love is the response

  1. shirley says:

    Dear M, just got your reg email. I also checked out your blog posts. I am crying as I write this. Five weeks ago I moved to nz for family reasons. I have been miserable. I really miss the channon groove, my valley views, family, the csg fight, etc. your pics of your mountain made me realise I have to find my view here. so keep writing, you never know how you might change someones day. I still love my recycled necklace with colours that remind me of my young friend Taam who left her body through suicide twelve months ago today.xoxo

    • emubeads says:

      hey shirley, it is wonderful to be moved and in touch with feelings, pouring out. i also cry and write.
      it is a passionate place to voice from.
      it blurs the vision up a little, but in that space it is accepted and manageable.

      i wish you well in your new mountain views.
      i have a memory of nz and a skiing trip, screaming to the bus driver to stop (it was a 10 seater, so i didn’t have to call out far), not for something dreadful, but rather the opposite, a view of a mountain capped in snow magnificently reflected in the still lake out of which it came. i remember that well.
      travel well in your life journey of breath and love, m x

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